The construction industry has long since highlighted the challenges it faces in relation to securing a skilled and sustainable workforce and these challenges are likely to be exacerbated by further recruitment shortages likely to emerge following Britain’s proposed exit from the European Union. The eight Central London boroughs shown in the map here have come together under the umbrella of Central London Forward (CLF) to create Construction Careers, a sub-regional project which addresses some of the main issues believed to be at the centre of the challenge in Central London.


The aim of Construction Careers is to increase and open up the pool of skilled and qualified construction labour in London. Our ambition is to innovate and demonstrate the value of working as a sub-regional project to promote construction as an exciting career, whilst addressing the growing shortage of skilled labour in the construction industry. The project will seek to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Better promotion of construction as a positive career choicel
  2. Increasing the volume of Central London residents applying for jobs by the sharing of vacancies at a sub-regional level;
  3. Maximising the employment of unemployed central Londoners in key developments across the Central London area;
  4. Supporting the development of a ‘supply’ of residents, working in partnership with the construction industry at a sub-regional level to identify skills gaps and pre-employment training needs and then jointly commissioning responsively and flexibly to fill the gaps;
  5. Maximising the benefits of integration and collaboration that local authority expertise gives – supporting the development of borough resources, infrastructure and expertise to add value and share best practice.